Making Tax Time a Breeze………

Ezytax was developed to provide all Australians with a simple, low cost solution to tax return preparation and lodgement by providing a simple and interactive system with comprehensive on line support.

Why would you risk doing your tax return with the Australian Tax Office? They are NOT interested in you maximising your entitled deductions and refund.

For a fraction of the cost of what you would incur at an interview with a Tax Agent, Ezytax is able to deliver the following flexible services.

We provide:
  • On-line individual tax preparation for a minimal cost
  • FREE on-line help from our extensive tax help menus
  • FREE on-line support with any queries you may have FREE calculation of your tax refund or amount payable
  • FREE Telephone support at reasonable rates

For a minimum annual fee, you will be allowed access to our complete website anytime at no extra cost. This will allow you to obtain answers to your tax questions all year around.

An additional fee will however apply to specialised taxation advice such as Capital Gains Tax or Rental Schedule items. Your user name and password will allow you access at any time so you can save your work and come back to the return later.

This allows you to either complete your tax return in one session or over many sessions as your information becomes available. You will no doubt be better informed about tax issues, rather than relying on your Agents knowledge of tax law.

Ezytax online allows you flexibility in preparing your own taxation return in your own time. No hurried or delayed meetings with the Accountant, no forms, no software down loads (completely browser based) and best of all, it is less than 66% of the price of an average tax return.

We are confident that once you experience the ease of our Ezytax system you’ll never go back to the conventional method of completing taxation returns.

Free phone support for a minimal fee, what are we waiting for??

Ezy and Cheap