Ezytax is a cost effective and simple way to submit your tax return.

woman paint on wallWe have brought together the best in web technology combined with the expertise of local Chartered Accountants. The result is a simpler method of preparing and sending your tax at a much lower cost.

The Ezytax innovation evolved out of the need to provide Australian Taxpayers with a simplified way of preparing annual income tax returns. Ezytax was developed by experienced Accountants who could see that the average Australian taxpayer were having a great deal of difficulty in completing their annual taxation returns using the ATO’s Tax pack.

Australian Ezy Tax Systems Pty. Ltd. commenced operations in early 2002 and is dedicated to providing Australians with a cost effective means of tax return preparation & lodgement. We are excited to provide state of the art web technology focusing on connecting individuals directly to the Australian Taxation Office and bypassing the costly preparation fees normally associated with tax preparation.

Let us help you maximise your tax refund